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Now, what makes this particular podcast extra special? On October 18, posted an article about a video from the Auto Retro YouTube channel, showing an abandoned Ford dealership in Germany. The dealership has vintage 1980s Fords inside, still looking brand new. We talked about the incredible find on the podcast a couple of weeks ago, and Darren from Auto Retro was kind enough to reach out to us about the experience.

In short, this time capsule dealership has a special, bittersweet story behind it. Darren did some extra legwork to learn about its history; he recently posted a follow-up video on the findings and he's also joining the podcast live (from the UK) to talk all about this adventure. We're obviously very excited to hear about the cars and the building firsthand, and since this is Rambling About Cars, some off-the-rails motoring chat is always a possibility.

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