Friends, we're already more than halfway through 2022 and it's been quite a ride in the automotive world. We've seen major debuts, minor updates, concept cars, electric cars, hypercars, insane trucks, super SUVs, and you know what? The editors have driven just about all of them. There isn't a better time to pause our regularly scheduled ramble for a mid-year review with the best automotive crew in the business.

The combined experience of the editorial team is on hand for this special episode, save for Senior Editor Jeff Perez who's enjoying a much-deserved vacation. That means Senior Editor Brett Evans, Managing Editor Brandon Turkus, Video Director Clint Simone, and Editor-In-Chief Seyth Miersma join Bruce and Smith with a singular mission: discussing the best new cars of 2022 so far, full stop.


With so many vehicles to choose from, it's simply not possible to cover all the hot pics from this motoring dream team in the span of an hour. As such, each editor offers up a primary choice, while leaving room at the end of the podcast for a runner-up. The discussion includes a little bit of everything, including the Rivian R1T and Polestar 2 from the electric world. The Aston Martin DBX707 and Porsche 718 Boxster 25 Years are pure internal combustion gold. The McLaren 765LT and Acura NSX Type S are choice supercars. And the future of motoring is discussed with the BMW XM prototype and Mercedes-Benz EQXX concept.

Rivian R1T
2023 Polestar 2
2021 Porsche 718 Boxster 25 Years Exterior
Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Real-World Test

Ramblers, we know you have a pulse on the motoring world and your opinion most certainly matters to us. With half of 2022 already in the rearview mirror, what are your thoughts on the best cars of 2022 so far? Comment on our YouTube video, comment at the end of this article, or email us: We'll be sharing your thoughts (and additional comments) in next week's episode.

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Speaking of which, we'll be getting back to current news and debuts next week, and we are finalizing some guests for the future. Pebble Beach is nearly upon us and information is starting to burble about the 2022 North American International Detroit Auto Show. There will be much to cover so tell your friends to like, follow, subscribe, and listen. You know ... all the things you've already done.

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