Everyone has a cool, interesting, funny, dramatic, or shocking car story to tell. Some people have dozens, and we know car enthusiasts love to share them. That's exactly what this special episode of Rambling About Cars is all about: sharing car stories. And to really make it come alive, we invited several veteran RAC guests back to the program for a healthy dose of automotive chat. Grab some snacks and settle in, because this one's a keeper.

Joining Bruce and Smith from the Motor1.com family are Editor-In-Chef Seyth Miersma and Editor-At-Large John Neff. We also welcome back amazing automotive designer and artist John Frye, and the always hilarious Alanis King joins the mix with her special car-savvy wit and racing expertise. All total, there's nearly a century of professional car experience among this panel of six.


So of course it all begins with John Neff and ... 98 Degrees? There is a car connection (or more accurately, an RV connection) with the boy band, but just as the story takes a turn towards the dark side, John Fyre saves the day with race cars the likes of which you've never seen. Enter Alanis King, who most decidedly can drive a manual transmission while also humbling "seasoned" automotive journalists at Sonoma Raceway. Seyth Miersma experiences a different sort of humbling at the Isle of Man, piloting a right-hand-drive Subaru while trying to remember directions under ... less than ideal circumstances.

Folks, this is just a very brief summary depicting a delightful hour of organic car talk between six people who absolutely love what they do. It's a first for Rambling About Cars, and it went so well we can't wait to host Car Stories: Round Two in the future. In the meantime, if you want more from John Fyre, you can find him and his epic art on Instagram at Fryewerk. You'll find Alanis King on Twitter, posting daily car content and updates on Rich Energy, The Book, coming out later this year.  

More importantly, we sincerely hope this episode inspires all the Ramblers out there to share your stories! The best tales come from the heart, be it a track day adventure or silly antics at a fast-food drive-thru. We want to hear them, so comment below, comment on our YouTube video, or email: podcast@motor1.com. We will be sharing stories in future episodes!

Rambling About Cars Preview:

Speaking of future episodes, next week we're cleaning up with a fascinating guest who's resurrected some of the coolest barn finds around. What's it like finding a supercar beneath layers of dirt? We'll have the answer and much more coming next week.

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