It's podcast time! This week there are a whole lot of teasers to check out. Plus, we discuss some videos that went viral.

The show kicks off a little nerdy because Bruce talks about his recent visit to Honda's HALO wind tunnel. It's the company's first facility capable of evaluating full-scale vehicles in the United States. This means the engineers no longer have to travel around the country when evaluating a future product. It's a fascinating facility.


Next, we check out the new Maserati Grecale crossover. It expands the brand's offerings by offering a product to fit below the Levante. Buyers can select a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 296 horsepower in base form or 325 hp in the Modena trim level. The Trofeo grade has a twin-turbo 3.0-liter with 523 hp.

We read some of the comments about the Grecale. Lots of readers think the front end looks like a Ford Puma.

Gallery: Ferrari Purosangue Official Teaser

We also look at the latest teaser for the Ferrari Purosangue that shows the front end. It has a grinning face that we both like.

There was a video of someone jumping a rented Tesla in California, and the clip went viral. We didn't play it. Instead, Bruce used two small cars as a demonstration of what happened.

Another popular clip was a Chevy Silverado caught in a tornado. The wind threw the truck around, but the teenage driver only walked away with scratches. 

Toyota GR Corolla Rear Teaser
Toyota GR Corolla Rear Teaser
Toyota GR Corolla Teaser Front
Toyota GR Corolla Teaser Front

A new teaser for the Toyota GR Corolla came out. We are both very excited for this upcoming hot hatch.

We end with the teaser for the new Lotus Type 132 crossover

Rambling About Cars Preview

The next episode of Rambling About Cars will come out on April 1. We aren't doing anything for April Fool's Day but are trying a different format. There will be three guests to look forward to.

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