The Chevrolet Camaro might not be dead after the current generation after all, but its future might not be what most people would expect. An electric sedan will replace the performance coupe, according to a roundup of General Motor's future models by Automotive News.

The existing Camaro will allegedly last until 2024. The report doesn't specify when the rumored EV sedan might replace it, though.

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Still, this is a bold move if the report is accurate. Buyers know the Camaro has a two-door because that's the only configuration in the model's entire history. This wouldn't even be like the Ford Mustang and Mach-E where the new body style is available simultaneously with the traditional one.

An earlier report said that Chevy had extended the current Camaro's life from 2024 to 2026. Before that, there were claims that the Camaro was dying in 2023 with no replacement in the product plan.

GM is going through a transition from combustion-powered vehicles to EVs, and there might be some tough years ahead. "I don't know how GM will be able to actually make this transition without seeing at some point a bit of a volume drop that might be recovered when EVs are stronger," Stephanie Brinley, principal analyst at IHS Markit, told Automotive News.

In addition to the big change for the Camaro, EV versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra should arrive in 2023. An electric Cadillac Escalade might join the lineup in 2024. The Malibu allegedly goes electric sometime after 2025.

By 2035 nearly every vehicle that GM offers in the US is likely to be an EV. Only the Chevy and GMC heavy-duty pickups are likely to retain their combustion engines.

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