Toyota’s Land Cruiser has been on sale in its current generation for nearly a decade. Don’t let the massive infotainment screen, double rear-seat-back televisions, and 2016-model-year-spec price of over $83,000 fool you – this is a caveman SUV deep in its bones.

Also, none of the information in that preceding sentence has any bearing on the fact that I still love driving the truckish utility vehicle. With a V8 that sounds the part when you dig into the throttle, and hilarious levels of brake dive and mid-corner float, it’s everything I remember fondly about a now bygone era of big SUVs.

Those specific charms my not be long for this Earth, but I can only hope that whatever eventually replaces the Land Cruiser in Toyota showrooms is only half as malleable in the rear quarters. With third-row seats that snap securely to the interior walls, a flip-forward second row, and rubber mats seemingly ready to catch all the stray mulch you can spill, it’s an amazing canvass for lugging people and stuff. Click on the video below, and watch the magic happen for yourself.

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