Honda announced Tuesday plans to offer a dealer-installed software upgrade for Honda Accords that will enable wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for models not originally equipped with the feature. The upgrade is available for 2018 to 2022 model-year Accords and will cost $112 plus any labor charges incurred at the dealer.

The upgrade is available to any 2018-2022 Accord that was equipped with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from the factory. Honda estimates there are around 631,000 Accords in the United States that are eligible. The company says this program is part of its sustainability effort that seeks to "maximize lifetime value of in-market Honda vehicles by offering upgrades and new digital services."

This software upgrade comes as Honda and its closest competitor, Toyota, introduce new certified pre-owned programs that offer warranties for cars up to 10 years old with 125,000 miles on the clock

Honda says the software upgrade can be installed at any authorized dealer now, a spokesperson confirmed to Motor1.

“This quick software update enables customers to leverage hardware already in their Honda vehicle to enjoy seamless connectivity through wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto,” Jay Joseph, vice president of the Sustainability & Business Development Division at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., said in a statement. “Enhancing the ownership experience and market value of Honda vehicles already in use is a key strategy in pursuit of our goal to have zero environmental impact by 2050.”

Not all 2018-2022 Accord owners will have to pay for wireless CarPlay as a standalone expense. Honda says the software upgrade will be installed at no extra charge on every qualifying model that's sold as a certified pre-owned vehicle. So if you buy an eligible used Accord from the dealer, the feature will already be installed.

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