Hyundai and Lexus have given their electric SUVs more aggressive body kits for this week's 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan.

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Hyundai NPX1 Concept

2024 Hyundai NPX1 concept

Forget about BMW's M Performance Parts; Hyundai would like to introduce you to its N Performance Parts. These additional enhancements are showcased on an Ioniq 5 N, dubbed the NPX1, at the Tokyo Auto Salon. While extra bits have been available for N gasoline models for a while, this marks the first time an electric N is getting them.

Although the NPX1 is technically a concept, Hyundai plans to start selling the parts for the Ioniq 5 N later this year. The showcar from TAS looks mean with its comprehensive body kit, featuring a carbon front splitter and a massive rear wing. It also has beefier side skirts and an enlarged diffuser, while the wheels are built from a combination of alloy and carbon to reduce weight

Suspension lowering springs and upgraded brake pads round off the changes on the outside. Although images of the interior have yet to be revealed, Hyundai mentions that the NPX1 sports bucket seats and makes generous use of Alcantara.

Going forward, the South Korean automaker intends to develop N Performance Parts for all its N cars.

Lexus RZ 450e F Sport Performance

2024 Lexus RZ 450e F SPORT Performance

Lexus has a similar idea for its electric SUV, as the RZ has also received a collection of performance parts. Unlike the NPX1 concept, this is going into production as is. The special edition is limited to 100 units, based on the RZ450e. Just like the Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport showcased at TAS, it will be sold through a lottery system. Japanese customers can enter from now until February 19, with the lucky winners set to be announced on February 22.

The first dedicated electric vehicle from Lexus has gained an aggressive body kit with not one but two rear wings. It incorporates a total of 17 aerodynamic body parts and a sportier suspension kit complemented by 21-inch wheels. The RZ450e F Sport Performance is slightly longer, wider, and taller than the standard model. The flashy SUV is painted in matte white and features a predominantly black cabin with blue accents and suede upholstery.

You're not getting any extra power since it has the same dual-motor setup with a front-mounted motor making 201 hp and 195 lb-ft (265 Nm) along with a rear motor rated at 107 hp and 130 lb-ft (170 Nm).

Taking after the 2023 RZ Sport Concept, the special edition costs 11,800,000 yen ($81,300).

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