Colt Seavers is back as The Fall Guy, and yes, his brown and gold GMC pickup truck is back, too. If you're scratching your head about this right now, we'll explain in a moment. For the rest of us who remember this truck jumping into our 1980s hearts every week on TV, well, you're welcome.

Coming to movie theaters in March 2024, the modern version of The Fall Guy is a big-screen reboot of the classic '80s television show. Ryan Gosling plays the aforementioned Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman called into action to find the missing star of an in-production film. That's the basic plot according to The Internet Movie Database, and it loosely follows the theme of the original show, where Seavers was a stuntman by day and a bounty hunter at night. Emily Blunt plays Jody Moreno, director of said film who apparently has a history with Seavers.

The Fall Guy Screenshot
The Fall Guy Screenshot

As far as vehicles are concerned, the three-minute movie trailer is rife with GMC badges. It opens with an action scene where a GMC Hummer EV is a camera vehicle. Moments later, we're greeted with the telltale square taillights and brown/gold color scheme of a high-riding, early 1980s GMC K-2500 pickup. It's a brief scene that feels almost like a teaser since we never see the full truck. But the roll bar is there, the whip antenna is there, and yes, the chrome wheels are there.

As the trailer progresses we're treated to something of a surprise in the form of a new GMC Sierra AT4X wearing the same brown/gold exterior finish. In a clear homage to the TV show, it jumps over parked cars along a wall though we don't get to see it land. However, we do see it crash into other parked cars a few seconds later, off-road lights, roll bar, and all. 

We couldn't resist pinging GMC to ask about the film, and more importantly, whether a special edition Sierra AT4X in brown and gold might be in the pipeline. A spokesperson expressed excitement for the automaker “to be included” in the movie but declined to comment on anything further at this time.

Airing for several seasons from 1981 through 1986, The Fall Guy starred Lee Majors in the role of Seavers with Doug Barr as sidekick Howie Munson and Heather Thomas as Jody Banks. The cast list for the film doesn't mention Thomas or Barr, but Lee Majors is credited so expect a cameo from the OG Colt Seavers somewhere amid the action.

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