The 1980s were a golden time of making the cars the stars of TV series with notable examples like KITT from Knight Rider, the Ferrari 308 from Magnum, P.I. The show The Fall Guy wasn't able to sustain the same level of pop-cultural presence as the aforementioned ones today, but it did have Lee Majors driving a lifted GMC K-2500 Sierra Grande Wideside. Barrett-Jackson just sold a replica of the truck for $99,000.

The idea behind The Fall Guy was a Hollywood stunt man who also did work as a bounty hunter. While this doesn't make much sense from any logical perspective, the setup provides the opportunity for lots of car chases and stunts.

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The truck that Barrett-Jackson auctioned started life as Chevrolet K10. The students in the Automotive and Collision Repair program at Vincennes University took up the challenge of converting it to look like the GMC from The Fall Guy. This work happened in the 2010s, according to the auction listing.

The customization includes the small doors in the cargo bed that are just behind the cab. This is one of the notable elements from the truck in the show. 

Other tweaks to make the truck look like the one from The Fall Guy include the brush guard, a custom-made winch mount, and a bank of lights above the roof. The two-tone brown and beige color scheme looks accurate, too.

Mechanically, this truck runs a rebuilt 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) V8 with a four-barrel carburetor feeding it. The power runs through a three-speed GM TH400 automatic gearbox with an NP208 two-speed transfer case. The front and rear axles are also rebuilt pieces, and there are custom driveshafts.

The interior has a light brown color that matches the truck from the show. It even has a CB radio and a whip antenna on the outside.

While not pictured here, the seller included a treasure trove of memorabilia from The Fall Guy, according to the auction listing. The collection included autographs from the cast, a script from the show, and various toys.

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