In the United States, the word football conjures images of players clad in helmets and shoulder pads, running down a gridiron in a game that combines tactics, strategy, and sheer athleticism. However, on a global scale, football is an entirely different sport. Known as soccer in the US, it features a round ball, a rectangular field, and athletes who use their feet to move the ball towards the opposing team's goal.

While the terminology might differ, one thing remains constant: the pursuit of excellence, performance, and precision in sport. It's this passion for precision that has brought together two titans in their respective fields – Bugatti and Adidas – for a new collaboration that creates “something truly unique that both looks incredible and helps players at all levels to be their best.”

Gallery: Аdidas X Crazyfast Bugatti

Crafted around the X Crazyfast laced boot by Adidas, this exclusive Bugatti collection embodies the shared values of both brands, where form follows performance and precision is paramount. The focal point of the new boot is Adidas's Speedframe sole plate technology, creating a lightweight structure that offers the rigidity needed for rapid acceleration. The carbon fiber inlay in the boot's tooling echoes the material used in Bugatti's high-performance cars, connecting the world of athletic footwear with automotive engineering. More visible to the eye is the mid-foot area, which features Bugatti’s famous blue color.

On the sides of the boot, two powerful phrases make their mark – “Impossible is Nothing” for Adidas and “Create the Incomparable” for Bugatti. The timeless insignia of Ettore Bugatti, the visionary founder, subtly repeats across the rear three-quarters of the boot, paying homage to the man whose legacy continues to inspire the world's greatest hypercars.

The limited-edition X Crazyfast Bugatti boots are set to make their grand debut on the pitch, exclusively worn by Rafael Leao (left winger for AC Milan from Italy) and Karim Benzema (striker for Saudi Pro League club Al-Ittihad) in November 2023.

To ensure that Bugatti and Adidas enthusiasts worldwide have an equal opportunity to own one of the 99 pairs from this exclusive collection, the boots will be auctioned through the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform. The auction is scheduled to run from November 8 to November 11, and winners will receive an exclusive digital shoebox, redeemable for both the physical pair and a digital twin starting November 13, using cryptocurrency via MoonPay.

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