A family vacation up in the mountains is something a lot of people crave, especially after several weeks or months of hard work. The fresh air, the sound of rustling leaves, and the silence of the woods can work wonders to take the edge off.

But cute little birds aren’t the only animals living in the wilderness, as the family that shot the video embedded above found out during their trip to the Smoky Mountains at the beginning of the month.

A wild bear dropped by the Sevierville, Tennessee cabin they were staying in and first attempted to open the house door, which was locked, it didn’t stop there. Presumably looking for something to eat, the animal started pulling on the handles of the cars that were parked outside, and – to the amazement of everyone inside – it managed to open both the Honda Odyssey minivan and the Kia Telluride SUV that were sitting unlocked next to the cabin.

Not only that, but the bear even climbed inside both cars. The Telluride proved unsuccessful, but then it came out of the Odyssey with what looked like a blue bag of some sort. One person inside even asked, “What does it have in its mouth?”

The video description summarizes everything nicely:

"Our family was visiting the Smoky Mountains and was unaware that bears can actually open doors. The bear first attempted to get into our cabin and was pushing down on the handle, but the door was locked. The video was captured right after we saw the bear, attempting to get in the cabin and we watched it head for our cars where it proceeded to open car doors and get inside the vehicles."

Nobody got hurt and the animal went away after it got the blue bag from the minivan, but it’s uncanny just how good bears seem to be at opening doors. Another situation where a wild bear casually climbed into a GMC Sierra occurred late last year, but that particular animal seemed to be well-behaved, too, listening to a fearless woman that approached it and told it to go away.

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