Elephants are amazing creatures that combine immense size and impressive intelligence. If a pachyderm decides it wants to do something, there's not much a human can do to stop the creature. For example, watch one in Thailand tip a pickup truck seemingly just because it feels like doing so.

The odd event took place in the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, according to The Nation Thailand. As the video begins, the elephant is in one lane of the road, and the pickup is in the other. Only a few feet separate them.

The elephant uses its trunk to examine the vehicle and then starts pushing over the truck. From what's visible, there's no indication of the driver doing anything to instigate the animal. The pickup tips onto two wheels and slowly rolls over. Onlookers in the video scream at the sight.

Bystanders called wildlife sanctuary officials for help. They got the elephant to go away and then helped the person in the truck. There were conflicting reports about whether the driver received no injuries or just minor harm.

The reason the elephant pushed over the truck is still a mystery. The Nation Thailand suggested it might have been trying to find food in the pickup. However, the USA Today video claimed that the animal was upset because the truck driver didn't stop to let the creature pass.

Elephants can be deadly to humans. According to statistics from India's ministry of forest, environment and climate change, the creatures killed 3,310 people in the country between 2014 and December 31, 2020.

Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary is in the eastern portion of Thailand. According to Tourism Thailand, it is "the most undisturbed lowland forest near Bangkok and the most fertile forest in the East." The landscape also includes a large waterfall. In June and July, the butterflies are popular for sightseeing.

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