Tuners love modifying the Porsche 911 because it starts as an excellent platform for adding even more upgrades. The German company SSR Performance creates the GT from the current 992-generation 911 Turbo and pushes the output to 848 horsepower (860 PS) and 701 pound-feet (950 Newton-meters). There's a limited production run of just 10 examples.

SSR achieves the extra power by modifying the turbos, revising the intake, upgrading the charge air cooling system, and changing the exhaust. There's also new engine and transmission software. The company doesn't provide acceleration specs, but there's an electronically limited top speed of 210 miles per hour.

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The SSR GT rides on shocks that are three-way adjustable in front and four-way changeable at the back. The braking system includes new pads, Stahlflex lines, and an upgraded cooling system.

SSR also pays attention to the GT's aerodynamics to triple the downforce versus a standard 911 Turbo. The body has a hood with nostrils like the latest GT3, and canards are on the corners. A swan-neck-mounted wing is on the back. There's also extended work underneath the vehicle.

“With regard to the aerodynamics, we set ourselves the task of increasing the downforce while at the same time reducing the air resistance. We achieved this thanks to the completely closed carbon-fiber underbody with height-adjustable diffuser," said Timo Vogt, project manager for development, in the GT's announcement.

SSR spent over two years developing. The goal was to create a high-powered vehicle that was drivable on the road but could also excel on the track.

The 10 customers can work with the company to specify the exterior color scheme and cabin upholstery. Judging from SSR's pictures (above), the company is willing to do some wild combinations of hues.

The Porsche tuning world is vast. For example, Techart is building 19 examples of the GTstreet R Flyweight with 789 hp. This modified 911 Turbo S has a carbon-fiber body kit that includes a front skid plate. The two-tier wing has three adjustment settings. Unlike the SSR GT, this one has a setup with lapping the track as the primary purpose.

Meanwhile, Manhart has the TR 800 upgrade pack for the Porsche 911 Turbo S that boosts the output to 822 hp. In addition to the engine upgrades, there's a revised suspension, tweaked suspension, and a body kit.

Porsche has its own high-powered 911 Turbo coming, too. The latest iteration of the GT2 RS  is under development around the Nürburgring. It features a tall rear wing and big inlets in the hood. The rumored output is over 500 hp.

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