According to the latest J.D. Power Customer Service Index study, customers who use remote experiences for vehicle repair and maintenance are more likely to recommend their brand to a friend. Ford knows that and wants to capitalize on the trend to enhance the vehicle ownership experience by expanding its own pickup and delivery, as well as mobile services nationwide in the United States. 

The automaker announces its expanded programs are voluntary for dealers and each participating dealer can set their own service and mileage limits for each type of remote experience. The Ford Service program is open to retail, fleet, commercial, and government customers.

There are two core components in the program that is now being expanded across the country. With Pickup & Delivery, customers can make an online appointment for light repairs and maintenance and Ford dealer will come to their home or business location to pick up the vehicle. Once the planned repairs have been completed, it will return the vehicle to the location.

With Mobile Service, customers can make appointments for similar types of operations, though a technician with a mobile service van will arrive at the location and perform the repair or maintenance at an eligible location of the customer’s choice.

“Customers who’ve experienced Pickup & Delivery and Mobile Service love the convenience and flexibility,” Todd Rabourn, North America Regional CX Director, explains. “This program increases the access customers have to remote service options, so whether you’re due for an oil change or need to resolve a recall, it’s easier to have your vehicle serviced with less disruption to your life, and the activities and people you care about.”

About a year ago, Lincoln – Ford’s luxury brand for the US market – launched the so-called Mobile Vehicle Spa. While initially limited only to Houston, the service offers full exterior and interior cleaning and detailing at the customer’s preferred location and schedule. Fuel fill-ups are also part of the program.

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