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While it was on its way to a well-deserved retirement, the 964 generation of Porsche’s iconic 911 received a last hurrah. 76 units of the Turbo “Slantnose” came to life, but only 12 of them were built in right-hand-drive configuration. Now, a RHD example is up for grabs and it appears to be in top notch condition, as it should taking into account it has been driven for a mere 630 miles (1,013 kilometers).

This stealthy 964 Turbo Slantnose was part of an extensive private collection and it hasn’t been offered for sale until now. Hexagon Modern Classics’ new flagship showroom in East Finchley has the car which fans of the 911 will notice right away is far from being standard.

That’s because it was fitted with the optional X84 package bringing front wings and headlights adapted from the 968. Moreover, the different front spoiler incorporates air intakes while the rear wheel housings have air intake shafts in the same vein as those of the mesmerizing 959.

In addition, the original buyer of this pristine 1994 example spent extra for the X88 engine package which means the car has the flat-six, 3.6-liter unit from the Turbo S with 385 horsepower (283 kilowatts). It benefits from a bigger turbocharger, an extra oil cooler, quad exhaust tips, along with several upgrades to the cylinder heads and camshafts. In addition, Porsche’s engineers also fiddled with the valve timing, intermediate flanges, and made some tweaks to the inlet manifolds.

The car rides on 18-inch polished RS Cup alloys and comes with numerous goodies, including an electric sunroof, automatic climate control, electric seats and black leather upholstery to complement the body’s metallic black finish.

You can check out the ad at the source link below. You’ll have to give Hexagon Modern Classics a call to find out how much it costs.


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