Porsche has plenty of history to pull from when designing vehicles. That includes all-new production models and one-off reinterpretations like this custom 911 Turbo S. Porsche built it to showcase the extent of its Sonderwunsch Factory Commissioning personalization program, based on one of four special Porsche 959s built in the late 1980s.

The most striking thing about the latest one-off Turbo S is its hand-painted exterior paint color. The automaker finished it in “Chromaflair” Urban Bamboo paint that contains wafer-thin pigments in the topcoat that allow people to see the different shades of color depending on the light and viewing angle. It also features a hand-painted stripe down the side in Rock Green Metallic, Jet Green Metallic, and Anthracite Brown Metallic.

Sonderwunsch Porsche 911 Turbo S

Inside, Porsche’s painstaking attention to detail includes hand-stitched Island Green cross-stitching seams on the dashboard and door panels. The black leather seats feature Slate Grey, Agave Green, and Island Green inserts, and the center console lid displays the Sonderwunsch mark, which Porsche also places on the driver-side rear window. The 911 even has an all-leather luggage compartment.

Porsche has been building personalized vehicles for customers for decades and continues to expand options through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. The company says it has more than double the customization options today than in 2012, with over 1,000 additional options available across all models. It’s now reimagining its Sonderwunsch program from the late 1970s for one-off vehicles.

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