The Toyota Crown has spent nearly seven decades wowing customers in its home market, where it’s been everything from a large sedan to a taxicab to a race car. For its sixteenth-generation, though, the Crown becomes a crossover and it’s arriving in North America early next year.

Badged simply as the 2023 Crown in North America, this new high-riding four-door coupe is actually just one of four body styles hitting the Japanese market. And during the first drive program in Franklin, Tennessee, we asked Toyota about the possibility of one of those other body styles – sedan, wagon, and a more conventional two-box crossover called the Crown Sport – coming to North America. While representatives for the brand were typically non-committal when it comes to discussing future products, they did say what it’d take to see more Crown-badged cars on our shores.

Toyota Crown Sport

The Toyota Crown Sport, revealed in June 2022.

“I think we’re looking at it,” Joe Moses, General Manager of Toyota Marketing told “Ultimately the customer is going to make a decision for us.”

That doesn’t mean Toyota’s North American branch has a set plan, though. Or perhaps more accurately, if it did, there were no plans to share it with the media.

“Do we already have it planned out? No. We already feel like we’re going into unknown territory as it is, this is our great opportunity to understand what we have here and then those learnings can guide us with future product,” Moses said. “We never thought we’d have a Crown back in the US after it left and look at us now. So I think it’s one of those things that we’re going to continue to look at how they develop. If there’s a place in the lineup for [a Crown variant], then we will absolutely consider it.”

Toyota Crown lineup

As for additions to the current Crown lineup, which consists of two parallel hybrid powertrains and three trims in a single body style, Moses was similarly coy. Although it’s worth noting this conversation happened before news broke that Toyota was executing a sweeping review of its electrification strategy, which included the alleged cancellation of an all-electric Crown, among other products.

“We’re looking at all powertrain options. I think we’re going to get a feel for this one and how it goes and go from there,” Moses said.

For much more on the 2023 Toyota Crown, check out our full first drive and a breakdown of the new high-rider’s price and fuel economy.

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