It's not every day that Pagani announces an all-new model, so when information appears, it captures our attention. We first heard rumblings about the C10 way back in 2017, and last year, additional details emerged. Now, we have definitive confirmation of when Pagani's next-generation hypercar will debut. Save the date for September 12, 2022.

That's the official date announced by Pagani. The Italian brand shared three posts on Instagram, each offering a piece of a simple C10 sketch showing the outline of the car. One of the posts is a short video showing the sketch in full, while revealing the location of the party as Milan, Italy.


To mark the C10's debut, Pagani promises a special occasion filled with music, art, and technology. We assume that includes art and music in the traditional sense, as car buffs could easily describe any Pagani model as a work of art. Similarly, the aural delight of the Mercedes-AMG V12 engines used in Paganis qualifies as music to many. We learned last year that the C10 will continue using the 6.0-liter V12, possibly making 30 to 40 horsepower more than the current Huayra.

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The technology portion of the debut almost certainly refers directly to the C10. In an interview last year, Horacio Pagani said the C10 would focus more on handling and weight reduction versus insane power. Of course, insane power takes on a new definition these days, as the Huayra's 791 hp in standard trim sounds rather mild compared to machines like the 1,500-hp Bugatti Chiron. Make no mistake – with nearly 800 hp and a weight of just 2,800 pounds, there's nothing mild about the current Huayra. If the C10 adds 40 hp to the equation while dropping weight, it could prove to be one of the quickest road-legal vehicles on a race track.

Early production estimates for the C10 fall somewhere between 280 and 300 models, so it will be exceptionally rare. Even rarer special editions are likely to follow in future years, though with electric power replacing internal combustion at all levels of motoring, it probably won't live for two decades like the Zonda. In any case, the C10's legacy begins in September.

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