New teasers provide the first glimpse of EVs coming from Nissan and Infiniti in 2025. The automaker will invest $500 million into the Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi to build both models there. It will also upgrade the factory to produce the battery packs for these upcoming vehicles.

The teaser video above offers a peek at the EVs, and they both appear to be sedans with a fastback tail. The Nissan has a full-width light strip at the tip of the nose and three smaller bands on each side. In profile, the styling is smooth and flowing. The video doesn't show much of the vehicle's rear, but the taillight runs all the way across the back.

Gallery: Nissan And Infiniti EV Teasers

The Infiniti EV has short, vertical segments of light that span the vehicle's whole width. The silhouette is similar to the Nissan, except for a small spoiler on the tip of the rear deck. The tail also has a full-width taillight that has arrow-shaped elements on each side.

Nissan is not yet releasing the name of either model. We also don't have any powertrain or battery details about them.

Nissan says this EV investment is one of several happening in the US in the next five years. The company plans to launch 15 electric vehicles globally by 2030 and wants 40 percent of its sales in the US to be EVs by that same year. According to a recent report, Nissan intends to stop developing combustion engines, except for ones powering trucks and SUVs in the US.

The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance is developing five EV platforms that all of the brands in the consortium can use. They are the CMF-AEV, KEI-EV, LCV-EV, CMF-EV, and CMF-BEV. The company also aims to have 220 gigawatt-hours of battery production worldwide. There's even a plan to begin building solid-state batteries by mid-2028.

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