We’ve explored this idea before and it’s surely something we’d like to talk about again. What you see in the gallery below is a set of unofficial renderings depicting a small SUV based on the Ford Maverick. You could say there’s already an available crossover on the same bones but the idea here is a little different.

The Maverick is based on the platform that underpins the Escape, which is a unibody architecture also used by the new Focus for the European market. While the Escape - just like its Kuga cousin from the Old continent - is a little more flashy, this virtual SUV here proposes a more utilitarian take on the same underpinnings. It should be better prepared for off-roading and offer more room in the cargo area.

Gallery: Ford Maverick SUV renderings

These digital images come from our friends at Kolesa.ru with designer Nikita Chuiko proposing a fresh new design for the rear end of the vehicle. It seems to be inspired by the Explorer but there are also certain lines and shapes that scream Maverick. The taillights, meanwhile, seem to be identical with the actual clusters on the Maverick truck.

The chances of seeing a Maverick SUV look very slim at the moment, though. However, Ford recently hinted the Maverick “will be a new franchise” in the future through the voice of its CEO Jim Farley. Different affordable utility vehicles could be offered under a potential Maverick sub-brand, which Farley describes as the “Maverick family.” This leaves a lot open for different interpretations, including even a small SUV.

If we try to read between the lines, a lineup of Maverick vehicles could give Ford a family of affordable products starting at around $20,000. If this includes a $20K Maverick-branded (and based) SUV, it could be launched as a replacement for the aging EcoSport.

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