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Three years after the C_Two concept made its debut, Rimac unveiled the electric hypercar earlier this week with the Nevera moniker. The quickest-accelerating production car made the headlines with its impressive technical specifications, not to mention the fact it obliterated a Ferrari SF90 Stradale in a drag race. The quad-motor EV is back in the news, only this time, it's in a negative context.

Footage shot from inside the Nevera shows a man hitting speeds of up to 144 mph (232 km/h) on a single-lane road near Dubrovnik in Croatia. Wearing a Rimac-branded jacked and hat, the 41-year-old driver is doing 88 mph (142 km/h) over the speed limit on a fairly narrow road with some light traffic. Rimac Automobili founder and CEO has already issued an apology for the risky misdemeanor, saying the driver himself called the police to alert them about his wrongdoing.

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"Our attitude is clear: we inform all customers, guests, and employees that driving is happening on public roads and that they must follow the law. The driver from the video called the police himself. The police came and conducted an interview and will be punished as anyone else would be punished in this situation. For other rides, we will be better careful and supervising. I apologize for the inconvenience."

Local outlets are reporting Rimac organized an event to show off the zero-emissions hypercar to potential buyers at the Sun Gardens Resort in Dubrovnik. According to the Croatian newspaper, the driver is now facing charges for going way over the limit on the D8 road in Ratac. The footage originally appeared on Reddit where it's no longer available, but the grainy video stayed there long enough for someone to uploaded it to YouTube.

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