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What will happen if you don't get your car washed for a year? That's a no-brainer; it would be filthy to the bones, of course. But what if the owner also happens to own five dogs that frequently travel with her?

That's the very situation here – a 2013 Ford Escape owner sought the help of a detailer called The Detail Geek, who in turn uploaded the cleaning process on his YouTube channel. As expected, the situation was literally a hairy one, which involved boatloads of fur that even reached the deepest corners of the crossover's cabin.

The process started with the exterior, of course. With one year's worth of dirt, grime, and any other element of filth you could think of, you can surmise that it wasn't an easy job. The initial pressure wash wasn't enough to remove the deep-seated discolorations on the white paint.

Detailing the exterior was a satisfying one but moving on to the cabin, you know that The Detail Geek was only halfway through the entire process. As you would have imagined, the detailing of the interior won't be possible without removing the seats. Of note, he had to shampoo the carpet twice to remove the stains. 

After the long and massively tedious process, the Ford Escape was clean, almost back to its original form. According to the detailer, the whole cleaning process took 11 hours to complete, which wasn't a surprise considering the extent of filth we've seen on the video.

So, what have we learned here? If you own a dog, let alone five, this should tell you the massive work that needs to be done whenever your car needs cleaning. Just make sure to have your vehicle cleaned frequently – not just once a year.

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