2020 is finally upon us, and with all major automakers reporting sales, we can see which vehicles were the most popular. It should be no surprise that pickup trucks continue to rule the roost, and Ram made perhaps the best showing out of everything sold in the U.S. last year. Does that mean it's the best-selling vehicle? No, but if the trend continues, such an upset is certainly in the realm of possibilities.

This top-20 list isn't entirely trucks and SUVs. Sedans and hatchbacks from Toyota and Honda continue to do well, and Nissan even has a few bestsellers in the mix despite having a rough year. Speaking of rough, you'll find only two Ford vehicles ranking in the top 20, and you can probably guess one of them right off the bat. We'll drop one spoiler for you – the Ford Explorer didn't make the cut, which is rather extraordinary considering machines such as the Jeep Cherokee and Nissan Rogue did. In fact, the Rogue is in the top 10.

With all the numbers checked and re-checked, Motor1.com tallied up the 20 bestsellers and you can peruse each one in the slideshow above. 

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