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The world is racing toward electric vehicles, but there are other alternative fuel sources out there like hydrogen. Various automakers have dipped a toe into exploring hydrogen power, with some continuing development even as the fuel source’s future feels uncertain. But that’s not stopping Ronn Motor Group from investing in the technology. Yesterday, the company announced it’d launch a new hydrogen-powered electric SUV called the Myst.

The name references a hydrogen vehicle’s byproduct – water vapor. The new SUV, set to launch in 2022, will ride on the company’s flexible Q-Series chassis that could underpin a fleet of different body styles, including delivery vehicles, with both hydrogen fuel cell and all-electric powertrains. Ronn says the new SUV will take styling cues from the Scorpion, the company’s “hydrogen enhanced” supercar that debuted over a decade ago as a concept.

Details about the Myst are scarce. Ronn says it’ll be engineered in the US “by a team of automotive industry experts.” Now, the design team is finalizing the SUV’s appearance before a public reveal at a later date. The chassis could spawn other models, like a crossover, sedan, and an MPV, each of which would feature a unique, though corporate styling.

Since its inception, it has grown into a multinational corporation with about 80 executives and engineers in the US and China. The company plans to launch a mid-duty Class 3-6 fuel cell truck in late 2021, which will be produced at one of Ronn’s joint ventures in China, where the company has a footprint. The Qingdao municipal government has pre-orders that could equal $200 million in sales, too.

Hydrogen isn’t a forgotten fuel source yet. Automakers like Honda and Toyota continue to invest in the development of the technology while Jaguar Land Rover recently announced it’d explore the propulsion technology. Electric cars are the likely future, but hydrogen could play a role in how we get around.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RONN Motor Group, today announced the anticipated 2022 release of its new Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV the “Myst”, named for the fact the only emission from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is water vapor. Taking its design cues from the “Scorpion”, RONN’s globally recognized hydrogen enhanced supercar, the “Myst” will keep the sporty look, and stylistic features as well as a complete package of engineering firsts:

  • Engineered in the United States by a team of automotive industry experts to exceed all global safety requirements
  • Represents the first modular BEV and Hydrogen Fuel Cell flexible platform that maximizes the wheelbase for best-in-class interior space with a distinct modern appearance
  • Unique designs for the SUV, CUV, MPV and delivery vehicles that have a common bill of process with high levels of commonality for engineering and operations efficiencies
  • Extensive use of the latest engineering modeling and simulation tools to deliver multi-material, design and manufacturing optimizations for weight and performance that deliver a best in class driving experience
  • RONN’s Proprietary fuel cell technologies, including graphene plates, co-packaged with an OE tier one fuel cell provider.

RONN Ford, company CEO, said “ we are as a company extremely excited to announce our new fully engineered all-electric/fuel cell multi vehicle platform, as the hydrogen/electric vehicle market is having many breakout moments in the capital markets. Our vehicle is fully engineered, computer tested for certifications in both China and the US, the US and European supply chains have been developed and our body design teams are earnestly working on the final design for release to the public.

As our company growth, engineering and manufacturing development have come into alignment, both in the US and China, we have been approached by several public SPAC’s in the last several weeks and are currently in discussions. Jerry Lavine, our new executive in charge of product development, and former Ford executive added “the Myst” SUV will define the global benchmark for product features and performance that are only achievable with the RONN Motor Group’s all-new dedicated hydrogen fuel cell platform.”

RONN Motor Group, Inc Information:

  • RMG has grown into a multinational company with about 80 executives and engineers in both US and China
  • It plans to launch to the market its first mid-duty Class 3-6 fuel cell logistic truck in late2021. This truck will be produced in one of its JV in China.
  • It has also completed engineering and supplier certification of a pre-production SUV/Sedan platform and plans to launch all electric/fuel cell electric SUV/Sportscar in 2022.
  • RMG has formed two JVs in China.Formed a JV with a Chinese truck manufactures in one of its existing truck plants, which is 2 hours away from Shanghai. Owns the manufacturing facilities with an estimated asset value of over $100 million with over 2,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • The JV partner - Kawei group is a well-established Auto maker in China with annual production value of $500M and fixed assets of $3B. It has more than 2000 employees. RMG plans to produce the logic truck in this JV leveraging Kawei’s truck planform, experience, and expertise, as well as licenses, etc.
  • RMG formed another JV with Chinese Taixing municipal government, also 2 hours away from Shanghai. The JV partner committed $20 million and has already invested $2.2 million into the JV. It has also provided RMG a new 3-floor office building rent free as China HQ in prestigious Hongqiao district of Shanghai.
  • Chinese Qingdao municipal government has issued pre-orders for vehicles that could equal $200 million in sales, the initial focus will be fuel cell logistic trucks.Strategic Partnership in place to build an additional automobile manufacturing facility
  • Ronn Ford named New Hydrogen Ambassador          
  • Company has partners and suppliers similar to Nikola and others (Bosch Power Train, Matlabs Software, Roush Engineering, ElringKlinger all major OE global suppliers.
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