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Ever fancy spending a weekend or even several days out in the wilderness, totally away from the city, equipped with all the things you need to essentially live off the grid? Sure, you could get yourself a huge motorhome or RV, but those can be prohibitively expensive and their sizes relatively impractical for all but the most diehard. If you want something much more practical and with some solid reputation backing it up, you have to check out EarthCruiser's latest overlanding product. EarthCruiser is a company based in New South Wales, Australia, and a stone's throw away from the best off-road routes, priding themselves with close to 70 years in off-road and overlanding experience. Their latest project combines their expertise and solid reputation with a vehicle that's arguably just as darn good as anything else on the market; a late 90's Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series single cab pickup truck. 


Called the Extreme (XTR), it's essentially a solar-powered, comfortably equipped, and sleeps up to three people, all with the capability and dependability of a Toyota Land Cruiser. Weighing in at 4.6 tons, it's the most compact chassis-mounted motorhome in the EarthCruiser lineup. The underpinnings of the Land Cruiser pickup have been beefed up with a 2-inch suspension lift, differential and axle upgrades, and uprated leaf springs. You also have the option of an extended wheelbase version, and either a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic paired with a 4.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 good for 200 horses and 317 pound-feet of torque. It also comes equipped with an 80-liter (21 gallons) underbody water tank which can be upgraded to 200 liters (53 gallons), and an optional extra fuel tank that's good for an extra 110 liters (29 gallons).

The camper itself is a fully molded composite construction with a pop-top for ample headroom. It's actually a two-floor setup, with the main 61 x 84-in bed up top. On the ground floor, the Extreme (XTR) is equipped with a rear corner kitchen, sink, fridge/freezer, and a two-seat dining area with an indoor/outdoor table. This dining area can also convert to a single bed when needed. An entryway toilet and shower ensures that you can clean up before making your way into the living area. The cab and motorhome are connected via a front pass-through, and a touchscreen command center will take care of activating lights and needed appliances. Power is provided by a 400-Ah lithium battery, 540W solar panels, and a 3,000W inverter. 


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