2018 Toyota C-HR Review: Fun And Funky, But Flawed

– Miami, Florida

Verdict 6.0 / 10

The outrageous styling of the Toyota C-HR, paired with the utility of a CUV, should appeal to any millennial buyer from the get-go. It’s the perfect combination of cool and capable – at least on paper –  and is arguably the first truly appealing product, design-wise, that Toyota has introduced since the 86 sports car.

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That said, it’s a different story once you actually get behind the wheel. Toyota felt the need to reinvent almost every aspect of the C-HR in an effort to be unique, from the door handles, to the dash, to the center console. Especially confusing is the lack of all-wheel drive, an important feature in this segment. It’s kind of a mess, if we’re being brutally honest. But there are still some aspects about the C-HR that should appeal to buyers in this segment.

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