Spoiler alert: The new Carrera 4S can boogie.

The latest Bad Boys For Life trailer features all of the typical ingredients for Hollywood success. Yes, the movie hit theaters early this year, but this new clip from Porsche highlights a big chase scene as part of the promotion for the film’s arrival on digital formats for home viewing. It’s got all the makings of a high-budget chase, including flowing shots of the coastline, a hip soundtrack, and high-speed precision driving. Let’s take a closer look.

While we often see continuity errors out the wazoo in Hollywood where vehicles seem to boast a 20-speed gearbox, Porsche wanted to get it right. The german automaker went to great lengths to accurately capture the sound of the Carrera seen in the clip.

In fact, Porsche mic’d up the car to isolate the engine noise from the ambient sounds of the Miami coast. To get the audio perfect, the automaker rented out a central California airport, sent in a 2020 911 Carrera 4S, a stunt driver, and a sound production team to recreate the driving scenes. In all, producers fitted 14 microphone pick-ups to the engine compartment and the exterior of the car. They also placed additional microphones along the runway to capture the sound of the car passing by at speed. Going the extra mile, the team even put sand down on the tarmac to capture every possible sound they could manage.

While not as entertaining, the team also spent time capturing sounds of the vehicle’s doors opening and closing, windows rolling down, and the clicking of seat belts. All of these bits may seem unimportant to the film but are actually critical to the process.

Along with the engine noise, the precision driving seen in the trailer is a Hollywood sight to behold. Our favorite part is when Mike (played by Will Smith) misses a turn. After the missed maneuver, he drifts the 911 through an intersection, narrowly avoiding a tour bus. This encounter is quickly followed by a detour onto the beaches of Miami. While the Carrera 4S is no rally car (although the 911 has an ample history in rallying), its all-wheel-drive system handles the off-road excursion with ease.

Porsche on the Beach

Following the brief beach tour, Mike executes a pirouette, transitioning to backwards driving. “Even the Batmobile doesn’t hold the road like this,” he says rather cheekily, while careening backwards through Miami’s streets. After a J-turn to transition back to forwards driving, Mike and his partner slide their Porsche into a parking spot at their final destination.

While a lot of gearheads might be quick to pick up on automotive continuity errors, we appreciate the lengths that Porsche went to get everything right. What are your thoughts on Porsche’s commitment to continuity? Let us know in the comments below.

Correction: A previous version of this article indicated that producers dubbed over the 911's flat-six engine sound with a Carrera GT's V10. This was incorrect. The story has been edited with additional information on the production process. We regret the error.

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