2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T first drive: Teeing it up

– Saint Helena, California

All the motivation needed to moderate your speed while driving a hot rod new Porsche 911 variant over the Mayacamas Mountains from Napa Valley to the Sonoma coast is the periodic appearance of an oncoming logging truck carrying a load of redwood tree trunks.

Such vehicles create the mental impression of the least forgiving possible obstacle in the event of a collision. They also litter the roads with red-tinged bark skins that evoke the appearance of never-ending roadkill.


So the mil-spec precision of the 911 Carrera T’s steering and the FDIC-backed bankability of its handling are crucially important to extracting speed without unwanted thoughts of life insurance payments intruding on the fun.

That the new Carrera T (The “T” stands for “Touring”) delivers the goods under these conditions should be no surprise, considering that it is effectively Porsche’s interpretation of the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: maximum chassis from the high-performance model combined with the excellent base engine.

This recipe is designed to provide the handling of sports car partisans’ dreams at an accessible price, and absent the possibly unnecessary power of the uplevel Turbo’s engine.

In the case o...