2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T Review: T For Terrific

Verdict 6.3 / 10

Ask an enthusiast what Porsche 911 they recommend, and you'll probably receive the safe answer: A two-wheel-drive Carrera S. Affectionately called the 911 C2S – as opposed to the all-wheel-drive Carrera S, or C4S – this model still strikes the right balance of price, performance, and accessibility for drivers of all levels. And like all Porsches, it's almost limitlessly customizable.

But I suggest we enthusiasts change the safe answer to the 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T. It ticks the rear-wheel-drive box, and while it has the same 370 horsepower as the standard 911 Carrera – rather than the 420 ponies of the C2S – the T comes with or makes available many of the performance goodies that are exclusive to more powerful Carrera S, as well as the more badass 911 GT3. Even better, the T’s starting price is $3,000 less than the C2S.

Pricing 6/10

That price tag is only part of what makes the Carrera T such a strong offering. While a car that starts at $102,100 is categorically not cheap – it's $11,000 more than the base 911 Carrera, after all – the savings over the $105,100 C2S are a powerful motivator. Equally powerful motivation is what com...