The Chevrolet Camaro might be close to the nameplate's second retirement, but rendering artists are already imagining the model's future. Here, Rostislav Prokop offers a look at what would happen if designers decide to mash together a Camaro with a mid-engined Corvette. The result looks great.

The designer retains the Corvette's styling from the A-pillar to the back. The Camaro cues are evident at the front up to the fenders. The rear end blends elements from both models.


Prokop deserves credit for blending all of the different elements together and still keeping the overall design coherent. While we doubt Chevy would crib so much from the Corvette for a production vehicle, but the result is attractive for this rendering.

Gallery: Mid-engined Chevrolet Camaro Rendering

Chevy allegedly doesn't intend to introduce a new generation of the Camaro. The current one reportedly goes away after 2023. There's a rumor that the company could bring the model back as an EV in the future, but the timing suggests this is just a consideration, rather than a plan with a green light for full development.

There's actually a product-planning argument for keeping the Camaro around. With it gone, the Corvette becomes the only performance-oriented model in the Chevy lineup. The $60,000 base price for the 'Vette strains affordability for many buyers and pushes them to look for something cheaper, yet still fun, from other brands.

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Chevy isn't abandoning the Camaro before the model's rumored retirement. Leaked info on the Canadian market model configurator says that a Shock and Steel package is on the way. It adds a mix of Shock yellow and Satin Steel gray to the body and comes with an angular design for the spokes of the 20-inch wheels.

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