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The current coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to be stuck in their homes right now – either through a self-imposed quarantine or a government-regulated lockdown. But that's not a reason for some privileged individuals to not dream about their next Porsche purchase. 

In case you're among those who'll be sprawling to Porsche showrooms after this coronavirus situation is over, you might be thinking of ways on how to shop for your next 911. Sure, Porsche has its configurator, but there's nothing like seeing the actual vehicle – even just in a video.

Gallery: Porsche 911 (992) Interior Comparison

Alexander de Pooter, a Porsche sales professional, thought of that, too, and decided to give us a comprehensive walkaround video of the five different interior color options for the 992-generation 911. He specifically mentioned most, as there are two missing in the options list which are the Agave Green and Graphite Blue color themes.

De Pooter showcased five color options, namely Slate Grey, Black, Mojave Beige, Bordeaux Red, and Truffle Brown. The Black, Slate Grey, and Truffle Brown here come in solid color configuration, which means that the panels, parts, seats, dashboard top, and even the carpets all come in the same color.

The more interesting color themes, the Bordeaux Red and Mojave Beige, are in a two-tone scheme but do note that the red interior could also come in solid theme – meaning you'll get a red steering wheel.

We're inclined to choose the Truffle Brown color as our favorite, but how about you? Which one would you go for if you're to purchase a 911? Let us know in the comments section below.

Oh, here's an exterior walkthrough video from the same guy, in case you want to complete your shopping experience:

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