They arrive in stores this fall.

Micro Machines first appeared on toy shelves over 30 years ago. They were smaller than other diecast toy cars from Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and they were often included in large playsets that could fold into another, much larger vehicle for storage and transport. The white, original Micro Machines Super Van City, with its retro 80s-inspired yellow-to-brown graphics – I have one stuffed in storage somewhere – was a popular must-have. Now, the tiny toy line is back, and the first new Micro Machines toys are on display at the 2020 New York Toy Fair.

One of the first Micro Machines to return is the Super Van City, this time in a rough-and-tough overland guise with a red exterior and plenty of black-painted accessories. Inside, the van received a redesign. There’s a dirt track, convenience shop, a bridge, airport, drag strip, and more. It doesn’t have the same layout as the original but still appears to pack plenty of fun. According to Gizmodo, the playset will go on sale this fall for $50 with three exclusive Micro Machines vehicles.

The brief video above shows much of the new Micro Machines lineup. The Super Van City won’t be the only playset available, though it’s not clear when the other playsets will arrive. There are also dozens of Micro Machines vehicles ranging from sports cars to ambulances to bulldozers and race cars. There looks to be plenty available when the updated toy line arrives later this year.

The new Micro Machines come from Wicked Cool Toys, which was recently purchased by Jazwares. Hasbro announced last spring it’d reached an agreement with WCT for it to become the global toy licensee. Galoob originally made Micro Machines when they arrived in the late 1980s, but that company is now part of Hasbro. The new Micro Machines go on sale this fall, including the new Super City Van and other toys.

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