The Dragtimes team is back with more action from the Wannagofast half-mile event held in Florida this past January. Cameras were rolling in all kinds of cars for that day, and thus far we’ve seen everything from the McLaren 720S to modified Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and yes, the Ford GT. This time around the GT is back, and its competition is a lightly modified 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Specifically, the car has a free-flowing exhaust, which can make a surprisingly large difference on a supercharged engine. The Ford GT is bone stock.

On paper, then, the mighty ZR1 should have the advantage. It belts out 755 horsepower (563 kilowatts) in stock trim, though with the exhaust changes it’s surely putting out more than that. The GT makes 647 hp (482 kW) from its twin-turbo V6, and its seven-speed gearbox has one less cog than the ‘Vette’s eight-speed auto. The Corvette is also 200 pounds heavier, but its 100-plus hp advantage should more than offset the weight difference.

Gallery: Ford GT Vs Corvette ZR1 Drag Race

As is often the case, bench racing doesn’t guarantee results in the real world. The cars made two half-mile sprints, and we won’t even try to sugarcoat the first run. The GT enters its low-drag mode, and with help from launch control the Blue Oval supercar blasts away from the traction-limited Corvette like scalded alien spacecraft. Later on, we learn just how much trouble the Corvette had getting that power down – the first few gears were all but useless.  

The second run, however, was far closer. Instead of just launching from a stop, the drivers agreed to do a short roll out with a launch from 40 mph. There were still traction issues, but as the video shows, the competition was much more exciting.

As per usual, we’ll the video tell the story of how this Ford-versus-Chevy battle concluded.

Source: Dragtimes via YouTube

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