As we are getting closer and closer to the world reveal of the highly anticipated Chevy Corvette C8, it’s only natural that leaks are beginning to emerge about the mid-engined sports car. The subtle evolution of the crossed flags logo has been seen before, but not in an official format as claimed by our friends over at

While they do not go into specific details about how the adjacent render was obtained, they do however mention it was sourced from “publicly available files by a third party and passed along to us.” Seeing as how the logo does perfectly match the one seen on the key fob and in spy shots, we strongly believe this is the real deal.

Purported Mid-Engined Corvette C8 Official Logo
Corvette logo

To better discover the subtle differences between the current logo and the one that will adorn the much-hyped ‘Vette, the side-by-side photo comparison above allows us to identify the discreet changes. For example, the red background surrounding Chevy’s bowtie emblem appears to be slightly brighter than before, while the bottom section of the badge seems to be a tad bit wider. The entire logo looks to have a more vertical design and the upper corners are sharper than the ones on the C7.

You'll be happy to hear there’s more C8 content to come in the next few hours as promises to publish a video with the startup animation as seen on the digital instrument cluster. It goes without saying we’ll be covering this as soon as it goes online, so watch this space for more mid-engined Corvette content in the coming hours.

When will we see the C8 in full? An official reveal is allegedly slated for this summer, quite possibly in May at the earliest. We’d take this report with the proverbial pinch of salt as the rumor mill has been wrong before.


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