Both the GT-R and Skyline Coupe have been positively received by both enthusiasts and consumers who previously were showing little interest in sports cars.

Sports car revival in Japan

Whether you like the looks or not, the Nissan GT-R is hot, and the Japanese flock to Nissan dealers to get their hands on one. Initial orders have already exceeded expectations by a factor of 11, totalling at 2,282! Nissan aims to sell about 200 GT-R's per month with deliveries starting early December.

The extreme interest in the GT-R has also spiked the sales of the Nissan Skyline coupe (went on sale early October) with 2,400 orders in the books while the initial projection was 200 units per month.

"It is encouraging to see that Japanese customers have been inspired by these new sports cars from Nissan," said Kaji Yoshimitsu, Marketing Director for Skyline and GT-R. 'Inspiration' is only going to increase when the GT-R wins some Super GT races.

Nissan GT-R is Officially Successful