When Ford axed the production of cars in the United States, SUVs and trucks have taken its place and it's for one good reason: profitability. For years, the market has been shifting, and more and more car buyers look for a versatile vehicle that could accommodate more. Such has become a global trend, which is quite inevitable.

Well, if you're among those who follow the trend, this barn find should be a perfect choice for you.

Gallery: Six-Door 1992 Buick Roadmaster

Introducing, a six-door Buick Roadmaster. Yes, six doors with four rows of seating. This 1992 Buick wagon was commissioned to be built by Hollywood producer Ray Stark for six digits, allegedly. Thankfully, you can buy this extraordinary family car for $25,000 only. Its current location right now is in a used parking lot in Monterey, California. 

Aside from its four rows of seating, the Buick Roadmaster has a roof-top storage and a humungous storage space at the pack, making this barn find a perfect cross-country vehicle that could seat more than a regular wagon could accommodate.

Aside from being a practical family car, the Buick Roadmaster is also a time capsule. At its second row, it has a television by the center console with a videotape player – yes, those things that you needed rewinding. Cool, right? If that's not nostalgic for you, I don't what is.

The car has other talents as well, like a foldable desk feature probably for your laptops (or typewriters?), while a wedge-shaped insert on the floor can be used to increase the floor height, which would probably be useful for short passengers. All of these things are encased in a vehicle that has wood paneling – a staple styling for family wagons of the past.

Source: Barn Finds


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