Art exhibit put on by Mercedes-Benz Classic features 4 models in displays that take them back to their respective eras.

Creepy art involving model cars or simply more corporate sponsored showmanship?

This is the ‘Recollection Quartett', an art exhibit put on by Mercedes-Benz and MoMu Fashion Museum from Antwerp, Belgium. Four classic Mercedes-Benz models are featured in four different displays devised by the combined talents of Belgian artist and photographer Frederik Heyman and fashion designers Mikio Sakabe, Bernhard Willhelm, Henrik Vibskov and Peter Pilotto.

The four classic Benz's featured are a 1974 ‘Stroke 8' saloon, a 1977 SL ‘lifestyle convertible', a 1981 ‘tradesman's estate car' and a 1991 S-Class coupé.

Each setting takes a model back to its original day and includes iconic images and figures representative of the era. For example, the SL roadster that came with a removable hardtop (the R107 model series produced between 1971 and 1985) is set up by Willhelm in an ironic take on the stereotypical 1970s playboy, only this time done with a modernist twist - he's no longer hairy-chested with a gold medallion but comes in a tight Lycra outfit and mirror sunglasses.

"This exhibition shows that many seemingly backward-looking stereotypes of this kind become amazingly incisive once more and regain their relevance if they are put in even a slightly updated context -and that is their connection with fashion," said Michael Bock, head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, in the press release.

The exhibit is currently taking place at a paint studio in Berlin-Mitte as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Admission is free.

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