The debut of the Porsche Mission E in production guise is still a little over a year away, but the German brand already has production of prototypes on the way – like the ones that we see in so many spy shots. As part of the company's annual report, Porsche released a few photos showing the assembly of one of these pre-production vehicles. The pictures likely provide a good preview of what the road-going model looks like. 

The shape is practically identical to the original concept, just without the suicide doors. The styling blends elements of the Panamera and 911 into an incredibly attractive sedan with a fastback tail.

According to Porsche, the production Mission E will have over 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts), which will allow the electric sedan to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than 3.5 seconds. It'll be capable of over driving over 311 miles (500 kilometers) on a charge. These specs likely apply to the range-topping version, though. Rumors indicate that the base model would have around 402 hp (300 kW) and a mid-range variant would pack about 536 hp (400 kW).

Gallery: Porsche Mission E And 911 Spied Testing Together

Porsche will build the Mission E at a brand new factory on its Stuttgart campus. The company intends to build 20,000 units of the EV each year, but there's room to boost assembly if there's demand. The Mission E tech would eventually expand to other models, including a possible production version of the Cross Turismo concept. Rumors suggest the chance of coupe and convertible variants, too.

Porsche will debut the Mission E sometime in 2019, and the Frankfurt Motor Show is a likely spot for the premiere. Sales will begin in time for the 2020 model year. Entry-level versions will start at around $85,000.

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Source: Porsche

Gallery: Porsche Mission E Prototype Production

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Tribute to tomorrow
With Mission E, Porsche is not simply building the sports car of  the future. The Mission E is a clear statement of commitment – to sustainability, to performance and to Germany as a technological base.


In 2019, the first purely electric Porsche will come onto the roads. Clear, puristic, with pioneering, practical Porsche e-performance. The Mission E is a true Porsche: output of over 600 hp, zero to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, and a range of 500 kilometres. Its charging time: 15 minutes for 80 per cent electrical charge.

With Mission E, Porsche provides convincing answers to the challenges of e-mobility. Sustainability, electromobility, performance and driving pleasure are not contradictions. Porsche and electromobility fit together perfectly.

After seven decades of Porsche sports-car history, a new era of individual mobility is beginning. And yet the Porsche principle works in the same way today as it has always done. And as it will tomorrow. Maximisation of minimalism. Restraint which beats all the competition. Unending dreams of perfection. A phenomenon and an apparent paradox at the same time, seamlessly merged: tradition and innovation, performance and practicality, design and functionality, exclusivity and social acceptance.

The result: a production vehicle which combines 70 years of tradition, new technologies and a highly emotional driving experience in an exclusive sports car which sets new standards as the sportiest and, at the same time, most technologically sophisticated car of its class. And an impetus for a new driving culture without sacrifice.

Porsche is actively contributing to the future of e-mobility. Knowledge and passion become reality. From the racetrack onto the road. Typical Porsche.

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Photography: Ramon Haindl