Update: The livestream is over and the Taycan Turbo GT is here! Read all about it in our debut post packed with information and photos of this very potent EV.

The "most dynamic Taycan of all time" will go official later today as a more powerful version of Porsche's hot EV. Likely to gain the "Turbo GT" suffix, the high-performance electric sedan will have the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire in its crosshairs. It already has a feather in its cap by setting a Nürburgring lap record for purely electric models.

Porsche has been tight-lipped about the Taycan Turbo GT but the spy shots of virtually undisguised prototypes running around the 'Ring revealed a more aggressive body. The comprehensive aero package will include that look-at-me rear wing and more subtle tweaks for better airflow. The engineers from Zuffenhausen might have put the Taycan on a diet before sending it to the gym to build some muscle. It's a logical assumption since the Cayenne Turbo GT also got more power and lost weight.

Porsche Taycan GT new spy shots

We'll have to wait and see whether those rumors about a third motor will pan out, but even without it, combined output is likely to hit four digits, at least with a boost function. Look for neck-snapping acceleration since adding power while removing weight will likely enable a 0 to 60 mph run in the low two-second range. Odds are we're going to see the most powerful production Porsche ever, although a temporary title since the Mission X supercar has high chances of entering production.

Let's face it – the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT won't save our fragile planet with its electric drivetrain. The intent here is to show an EV can be more than just absurdly quick in a straight line. It can be fun to drive around a track despite what will certainly still be a lofty curb weight. Driving it at full tilt is going to drain the battery at a much higher rate but that's a sacrifice owners will be willing to make.

As to how much it’s going to cost, a 2025 Taycan Turbo S is already an eye-watering $210,995. Porsche is likely to charge at least an extra $20,000 for the new crown jewel of the lineup. With options, you'll likely end up spending a quarter of a million dollars.

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