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Two prototypes have recently been spotted in the German town of Sindelfinegen near to Stuttgart. One, previously seen wearing the very same camouflage, was believed to be the upcoming 2012 SLK. And that it still may be. But since the approval of a smaller, 'baby' SLS AMG, all may not be as it seemed.

A source speaking to Autocar confirmed that as the SLS AMG is positioned above the SL63 AMG, the new model will be placed a similar distance above the SLK55 AMG.

Speculatively speaking, what once was SLK material may in fact be that of the forthcoming 'baby' SLS. Sources suggest gullwing doors will be ditched on cost-saving grounds, so no clues there. The closest shots yet taken do however allow for the first interior snapshots and a better glimpse of the single bar grille on the front fascia.

We could of course be way off the mark and the SLK is simply manouvering closer towards a more classical design, ditching the famed F1 nose of the current generation model. We'll keep you posted.

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