Will be replaced by Ant Anstead.

Wheeler Dealers, one of the world’s favorite automotive shows, will never be same again. The show’s lead mechanic, Edd China, is leaving and will be replaced by Ant Anstead, known for the UK series For the Love of Cars.


After twelve seasons on screen, the show commission was taken over by Velocity Channel in the United States, who decided to replace Attaboy TV with Discovery Studios in California. The founders of Attaboy, Michael Wood and Dan Allum, are the creators and ideologists of the show.

It turns out China is leaving not because he is tired of repairing classic cars, but because the new organizers of the show found Wheeler Dealers “too difficult to make, at least in its current format.” As China explains in a YouTube video statement, the detailed and in depth coverage of his fixes in the workshop are something Velocity feels should be reduced.

“The workshop jobs are certainly the hardest part of the show to make and reducing their substance and role in the show will save the production considerable time, effort and therefore money,” China comments. “However, this new direction is not something I am comfortable with as I feel the corners I was being asked to cut compromised the quality of my work and would erode my integrity as well as that of the show, so I have come to the conclusion that my only option is to let Velocity get on with it, without me.”

Edd China
Edd China
Edd China

China will continue working on other projects and apparently we will start seeing them on his YT channel soon. We are excited to see what’s in his mind as he is expanding his “world in new directions.” As for the show, it will continue to be aired with Ant Anstead as a mechanic with new episodes coming in due course.


Edd China on YouTube via Jalopnik

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