The day has come. The final Rambling About Cars podcast at Motor1 is here. But we aren't simply fading away. There is news in the automotive realm that must be shared, and we have three years of shows to look back upon. And of course we will say goodbye with a cheap car challenge, though this one probably won't be very cheap.

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We'd love to pack the house with a live audience for the show, but you can always watch the YouTube recordings at the end of each episode. For our friends who prefer audio, the final Rambling About Cars will go up Friday on major streaming platforms like Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Podchaser, and many more.


Don't hesitate to revisit past episodes!

We'll keep this short and sweet. Mazda just announced a new SUV called the CX-70, but is it really new or just a CX-90 without third-row seating? We'll dive into the details. We also have a neat GR-infused Lexus LBX concept to check out at the request of the Rambling audience.

Gallery: 2025 Mazda CX-70

To celebrate our last episode, we'll spend time revisiting three years of podcasts and chatting about some of the memorable moments. From major debuts to special guests and much more, we've had a front-row seat for what's undoubtedly the most significant era of automotive evolution since the car was invented. To say we have much to discuss here is a vast understatement.

Finally, we can't sunset three years of shows without talking about cheap car challenges. We've had plenty, and we've loved sharing the fun with all the Ramblers out there. We have one more in store, but this time there are no rules. It's the dream car challenge – we pick two vehicles for sale right now that slot into our dream garage. And as always, we invite the audience to join in with your dream car picks.

It's impossible to sum up how much we've enjoyed bringing Rambling About Cars to the world. To the listeners, guests, and all the folks who made it happen, we are eternally grateful. And while this is the end for Rambling at Motor1, it's not the end for Bruce and Smith. Consider it a hiatus; follow us on our socials to stay in the loop on future plans.

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