It's Wednesday, and that means you can join the Rambling About Cars podcast live at 7:30 PM Eastern. We stream the show on YouTube, Facebook, and X (Twitter). Chris Smith is back this week to discuss his recent trip to check out some cool things from Ford.

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Gallery: Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear

The biggest news this week is the F-150 Lightning Switchgear. While it's just a one-off, the beefy electric shows us what a Raptor EV could potentially look like. The powertrain remains stock, but the suspension receives an overhaul with pieces like Fox 3.0 internal-bypass shocks and a custom double-wishbone setup in front.

This week we saw a terrifying crash video. It shows a Subaru WRX attempting to pass a semi-truck on a snowy road. However, a snowplow is coming in the other direction. The WRX driver can't get around the big rig in time and hits the plow. Photos of the aftermath show the car cut in half.

Cadillac has an updated CT5-V Blackwing. The changes include minor tweaks to the front and rear fascia. There are more extensive updates on the inside, where the cabin gets a massive 33-inch screen.

We'll finish the show with a fun video. This four-wheel-drive RC car packs a 17.5-cc four-cylinder combustion engine. The old-school Ford Bronco scale model gives the machine a brawny look.

We look forward to hearing your take on all of the stories this week.

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