It's Wednesday, and that means you can join the Rambling About Cars podcast live at 7:30 PM Eastern. We stream the show on YouTube, Facebook, and X (Twitter). With CES this week, there's some big automotive tech news to discuss.

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We'll start the show by checking out the Honda 0 Series concepts. However, expect much of the discussion to focus on the Saloon because it looks so bizarre. Plus, Honda plans to build a production version, which is even weirder. There's also the less attractive Space Hub, which is a futuristic-looking van.

We've got some potentially bad news. The VW GTI is an iconic hot hatchback, and the company plans to stop offering it with a manual gearbox. The company cites emissions regulations as the reason for the decision.

The Internet is full of Ford Mustang crashes, but Smith wrote about one of the weirdest ones. Somehow, the pony car ended up sticking out of the side of a building.

Last year, a bevy of Dodge Challenger and Charger Last Call special-edition models came out. We'll be seeing limited-run vehicles like this using the Durango in 2024.

Finally, we plan to check out a very old video game. 280 ZZZAP came out in 1977 and was the first video game ever to have a licensed automotive tie-in, specifically the Datsun 280Z in this case.

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