It's podcast time with the latest episode of Rambling About Cars. This week we're looking east to Japan with all kinds of news including debuts, spy photos, and the return of the Tokyo Motor Show, albeit with a new name. We're also checking out interesting news in Germany, and yes, there's another cheap car challenge in the mix. Motor1 Managing Editor Jeff Perez joins for the fun.

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Gallery: 2024 Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue may not immediately spring to mind in the SUV world, but it's among the most popular on the market. It's certainly a strong seller for Nissan, so anytime changes are made, it garners attention. Refreshed for the 2024 model year, the Rogue sports a new face among other updates. Is it a hit or miss? That's a debatable topic.

Meanwhile, Toyota is also prepping an update for a well-known model, but it's not an SUV. Spy photographers captured a Supra prototype at Germany's Nurburgring wearing a curious bit of camouflage on the front. We think this is a new Supra GRMN trim, bringing more performance to the performance car. It's the first time we've seen a prototype like this, and we have some thoughts on it.

Gallery: Toyota Supra GRMN spy photos

Speaking of Germany, ever wondered what a Ford dealership was like in the 1980s? Wonder no more, as there's a showroom at an undisclosed location in the country where you'll find brand new Escorts, Sierras, and other Blue Oval models still parked on the floor as they were decades ago. As you might imagine, there's a very interesting story behind this automotive time capsule.

The Japan Mobility Show is the new name for the Tokyo Motor Show, and it's nearly upon us. There are a surprising number of debuts planned for this event, and we have a preview of what you can expect from the plethora of Japanese brands in attendance. And since we're focused on that part of the world for this podcast, it's appropriate to hold a Japanese cheap car challenge. Can we find something fun for $4,500?

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