2017 Nissan Rogue Review: A pro on paper

– Cleveland, Ohio

The Nissan Rogue is popular, and I understand why. It took the last spot in last year’s list of ten best-selling vehicles in the U.S., all thanks to being a truly compelling value, on paper at least. Its relatively affordable price, large size, long list of features, and impressive fuel economy are all the ingredients an automaker needs for a hot-selling crossover. Then why do I have such a hard time recommending it? The answer lies in how all of those things come together, perform, and feel in the real world.




Big boy. The Rogue is big, nearly as big as some midsize crossover SUVs, though it’s still generally considered to be a compact in size. Compared to other popular compact crossovers, though, like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Ford Escape, the Rogue dwarfs the Toyota and Ford and about matches the much newer Honda. It’s taller, longer, and has a longer wheelbase than all three. That doesn’t guarantee the Rogue has the biggest interior in every dimension (the redesigned CR-V is also large and bests it in a few), but it’s among the leaders in most metrics. It’s also the only compact crossover to offer an optional third row of seating, though Nissan has told us fewer than 10 percent of buyers choose it.

Clever cargo. Speaking of the way back, I really like the flexibility of the Rogue’s Divide-N-Hide cargo management system. The rear cargo floor is composed of two pieces that cover extra storage space below. They can either lay flat for a norma...