Do you like weird stuff? In this context, we're naturally talking about weird things in the automotive world. How weird do we get in this new Rambling About Cars podcast? We've got a Porsche that literally absorbs the light around it, a Kenworth semi-truck fused with an Airstream camper trailer, and a roller skate (yes, roller skate) you can drive. And if you think NFTs are weird, we cover that too. Buckle up, Ramblers. This one is wild.

Bruce and Smith open this week's show with something not particularly weird at all. Some might feel $500,000 for the first production Cadillac Escalade-V is a bit excessive, but that's exactly what a single bidder paid to take VIN 001 home. The price tag certainly dropped some jaws, but in this instance, the entire purchase price went straight to the Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design in Detroit. In fact, an additional $25,000 was thrown in to help out the college.

Gallery: 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V

There was another GM-related vehicle up for auction recently that didn't sell. Chevrolet stepped into the digital realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the Corvette Z06, offering the NFT and a real Z06 painted in a one-of-one shade of green. The auction was set up for cryptocurrency and had a starting bid of around $230,000, but there wasn't a single taker. It leads Bruce and Smith to discuss NFTs and whether the buzz on these digital collectibles is waning, at least in the automotive realm.


NFTs are still a strange concept to many, but the discussion gets stranger with a special Porsche 911 painted Musou Black. That's a special shade that absorbs nearly all light, and as a result, the car looks two-dimensional in photos. That leads the discussion to paint, colors, and Smith's hot take on preserving (or not) old cars with natural patina.

From there, things get properly weird with arguably the coolest custom camper we've ever seen. It's an older Kenworth semi-truck literally fused with a full-size Airstream trailer. That opens the door for even more weird vehicle discussion, and yes, that includes a gigantic fiberglass roller skate mounted on a drivable chassis with a V8 engine for power.

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The next several weeks will be exciting! Get ready for an enthusiastic special guest next week with a penchant for cars of the Radwood persuasion ('80s and '90s). Beyond that, we'll have some visitors specializing in two-wheeled fun, Hollywood cars fun, and just fun in general.

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