The 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed is happening this weekend, and it's the focus of this week's Rambling About Cars podcast. Bruce and Smith have a list of all the major vehicle debuts taking place at the event, and the duo rolls through it like, well, a car blitzing up the historic English hill. Then there's Smith's road trip adventure, which wasn't without some excitement.

First up is Goodwood, and 2022 seems extra-packed with new car debuts at the hill climb. Technically speaking, most of the 28 (yes, 28) cars on the list have already debuted in name. Goodwood marks the first time these cars have graced the scene in public, such as the Maserati MC20 Cielo or the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. There are a few legitimate debuts, however, such as the bonkers Ford Electric SuperVan, which was announced with 2,000-horsepower shortly before it George-Jetsoned its way up the hill.

Gallery: 2022 Ford Electric SuperVan

The BMW M3 Touring debuted just ahead of the show, as did the retrotastic Prodrive P25. Bruce and Smith spend some extra time talking about these cars, as both are milestones in their own way. A wagon version of the BMW M3 is something that's been on the minds of Bimmer fans for over 30 years, and it's now a reality with 503 horsepower to play with.


Meanwhile, Subaru fans have coveted the Impreza 22B STI for nearly as long, and Prodrive knows it. The P25 is basically a 22B restomod, built from a classic two-door 1990s Impreza and then equipped with a modern, modified powertrain. Unfortunately, only 25 will be built and they'll cost over $500,000. Yikes.

2022 BMW M3 Touring
Prodrive P25 Side View

Smith's new project car doesn't cost nearly that much. His vacation last week saw him drive a 27-year-old Ford Mustang 2,530 miles round-trip to buy a 27-year-old Ford Taurus SHO. His real adventure, however, came with the drive back to South Dakota ... in 100-degree temperatures and dust storms driven by 60-mph winds. Was the old Mustang up to the task? Perhaps a better question is: Can a car actually become self-aware? Yeah, it was a weird trip.

Mustang Road Trip

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Rambling About Cars Preview: Senior Editor Jeff Perez is at Goodwood, watching the action live and spending time with a certain automaker wielding a very wild machine. He's will join us to talk about the Goodwood vibe, his take on the cars, and his memorable experience in the aforementioned vehicle. It should be a blast.

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