Automakers use a toolbox of tactics to conceal test vehicles. Some wrap the car in black cladding, shoving foam between the cover and car in hopes of distorting the vehicle’s real shape. It’s also typical to see them out and about with swirly white-and-black camouflage. Most use a combination of the two to hide their future products. However, automakers today are getting creative with their camouflage designs, taking risks with patterns, colors, and more. Some automakers have specific camouflage patterns for particular makes and models, while others aim for a more generic look.

Below are 10 camouflaged patterns taken from our extensive collection of spy photos. Can you match the patter with the right automaker? Does that pattern come from Ford or BMW? Take the quiz, see your score, and then tell us your results by posting them in the comments below! No cheating – but we won’t know if you need a little help and have to peek at your spy photos. We'll just use the honor system, okay?

Maybe These Spy Shots Could Help?

So how did you do? Everyone got a perfect 10/10, right? Or was it more of a bloodbath because no one studied? We may do other quizzes in the future, but tell us your thoughts on this one below! Maybe we'll see more automakers with test vehicles covered in unique camouflage patterns going forward – it does give the cars a bit more of a personality by helping them stand out from other, black-and-white-covered test vehicles. It'd probably make taking this quiz a bit easier to pass, too.

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