2019 Toyota Avalon Touring Review: Not Your Father’s Avalon

Verdict 6.4 / 10

You would be forgiven for thinking the 2019 Toyota Avalon is a big, boring sedan that only Florida retirees consider buying. That’s the reputation previous versions of Toyota’s largest car have cultivated. Take one look at this latest version, though, and you’ll see the Avalon’s mission has changed.

This is the new Toyota Avalon Touring, one of four trim levels in which the car is offered for 2019. Along with the lower-priced XSE trim, the Touring represents a 180-degree flip from the Avalon you thought you knew. Aggressive styling, sportier handling, and a decidedly un-Avalon-like attitude separate these two trims from the more familiar XLE and Limited models, which better fit the mold this car created for itself over the years.

Can the Toyota Avalon be a relatively fun and sporty car, or is what you see all smoke and mirrors? The answer to the former question, surprisingly, is yes.

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